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Berlin Linocut map

Size: 3.4 meters x 1.74 meters 

Contact me about this, as I will be able to share various images of this artwork.

This map has been a very epic project, and 2 years of serious work. I started the project by living in the city first in a hostel for a month, so incould get to know some people and find interesting people to see the city with. I then rented an apartment for a while, living with an American and Exploring the city during days and nights. This time in the city shaped how the map came to be as I found lots of interesting lettering from all over the city. There were a lot of bridges, with carved type on and -one of my favourite finds was an old fashioned cinema sign in the north of the city. You can see some of my photos via this Flickr link:

After this trip it was a case of getting the layout and dimensions of the city, so I used various maps to figure out the shapes, and used them as a guide for where the lettering would go. Then it was the process of selecting the type gathered from my research and placing it on the map. 

The process of carving the map I knew was going to be very labour intensive. I managed to get a studio space via the amazing arts charity Jelly, that provided me space whilst the carving took place:

Here is the time lapse of the 5 months of 7 days a week 12 - 16 hour days:

Then as you can see from the photos came time to print, which was done with metal spoons which in a successful solo show in London, sometimes with help from the public. This gained media attention from various places including the BBC:

There are various other photos of the map on my Instagram page too:





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